Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics Fever

The Olympics are almost here!
 I am beyond excited.

Little Fun Fact: My father worked on not one, but TWO olympic games. I have a jacket from the 1988 Seoul games...unfortunately it no longer fits as I was only 2 at the time.

 You did know I was going to grow up, right Dad?

I have always preferred the summer Olympics to the winter.
Mostly because of women's gymnastics and men's swimming.

I also am not the best at winter sports (I may have crashed into a wall while skiing as well as friends[keryn] growing up) so I am biased.

But this year is the FIRST year for women's boxing, and that may be just as exciting to me as gymnastics!
I think I will become a boxer in my next life.
Sometimes I just get the urge to punch things...like cereal boxes in the food store.

I'm not sure about any of you but I will be sitting in front of the TV watching the opening ceremonies Friday night at 7:30... I told you I was excited.

Are you excited for the Olympics?
What is your favorite event?


Amanda @ Run Principessa said...

I'll be at work during the opening ceremonies. But they'll be recorded. And watched a million times. SO JEALOUS of your dad. I would love to work the games!

Katie @wishandwhimsy said...

I'm always amazed by the Olympian's focus. They train their entire lives for these games. I wish I had their drive! So fun to watch. I always get sucked into some random sport to watch.

Ashley said...

So pumped! My favourite summer event has to be synchronized swimming! I always wanted to be a synchronized swimmer, but I was told I was too little :(

Carlyn Giuriceo said...

My grandma was a synchronized swimmer! Not in the Olympics but when she was young and she was small--GO FOR IT!

Carlyn Giuriceo said...

I like to think we are Olympians on our own...it may not be my career or life long dream to be one but I sure have the drive for my workouts and you do too!

Carlyn Giuriceo said...

He said it was a great experience and plans on doing it again someday as he should! He won two emmy's!

Brad Gouthro said...

It's a toss up between Basketball and the 100 meter sprint!

concretencoffee.com said...

Of course I love Track & Field, but I also get pumped about swimming and gymnastics. Gymnasts have more power in their pinky fingers than I do in both legs!

Cat said...

This will be the first time in the last year that I will be upset that we don't have real cable anymore. All we have now is a ROKU box and I can stream some things like HULU and Netflix. But alas, no streaming Olympics Coverage. I hope I can find it online somewhere. I am an Olympics Fanatic too!

Liz @ Southern Charm said...

YES!! I'm so pumped about the Olympics!! I love: women's gymnastics, hurdles and men's swimming. Yes, in that order :)

Mindy Bobe said...

I LOVE the Olympics and I'm soooo excited!!! I love all the track and field events, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis!

Sam said...

I always get excited for the Olympixs, but I'm especially excited this year because we know someone playing in the games! My husbands really good family friend is on the US field hockey team. It will be fun to have someone to cheer on! We're throwing on Olympic party on Friday with friends and family to watch the opening ceremonies and I couldn't be more excited. Total Olympic fever in this house right now.

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