Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My new asics & getting caught in the rain

I just got back from the worst run

I think there are a few reasons this run was so sucktastic, so let's go over each one...in detail.

I tried a new protein bar for some pre-run fuel.
It had an awful taste, but I ate it anyway.

When I got home I made many failed attempts to pump myself up for my scheduled 4 miles.
I just was not in the mood.

Finally I hit the pavement.
Only to have half of my right foot go numb 1/4 mile in due to my nike+ on my shoelaces.
I tried fixing it three times before taking it off the shoe completely.

 I changed up my route hoping to push myself to run my furthest distance yet. 
After a mile and a half I had the WORST cramps in my stomach and ribs.
I'm not sure if it was the new kicks or the new bar but it was ruining my breathing, thus ruining my run.

By the time I reached 2 1/2 miles I couldn't take it anymore.
I started walking.
However, the running gods had another plan in mind and at the exact same time I started to walk...it started to downpour.

So I started running again until I made it home.

 2.8 crappy miles in my new sneakers.
Which I am not 100% sold on yet.
 Depending on Friday and Saturdays runs go I may be returning them.
So stay tuned for that update.

This is the face of a pissed off sweaty.
I really hate when I have bad workouts.

I am also having a PopTart while I write this, I thought it would help.
It isn't. 
Now I'm even more pissed I ate the damn PopTart.
It just isn't my night.

Why do bad runs happen to good people?


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