Friday, July 13, 2012

My kids will NOT be eating fast food

were the words that sparked a heated discussion at the dinner table last night.
(said by me, of course)

I have read several articles/blogs written by moms who say
"Their children have never been exposed to FF, and have never asked for it."

Apparently by me saying this, I am "depriving" my (way in the future unborn) children.
Those were not the exact words, but I did not have a stenographer so I do not remember how everything went word for word.
.sue me.

Did I have fast food growing up?

It was not something we did routinely, but it happened.

I just feel that with all the knowledge we have today of how bad fast food is for you, why would I expose my children to it?

Clearly I do not know what it is like to work full time and be a mom full time, so this is where you all come in.

Is my notion of NOT wanting to drive-thru McDonald's for a kids meal that far off?

How am I supposed to be a health coach, who promotes healthy habits..then feed my kids meal worms because it's quick?

Someone help me here?

ALSO said at the dinner table by me:
My kids will not be going to the circus. I do not condone animal abuse.
(yes I eat chicken)
Contradiction observed.

To which I received a response 
" when did you turn into such a hippie?"


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