Friday, July 20, 2012

My 1st official pair of running sneakers + giveaway

Bollywood Sweat kicked my booty this morning, I felt sluggish/heavy/tired/unmotivated through the class...I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night so i'll blame that.

Regardless I was sweating like the sweaty beast I am and got in a good cardio workout, so no complaints.

After the gym I showered (yes, I shower post workouts...doesn't everyone? ;) ) and since Eddie was still sleeping I decided it would be a good time to make zucchini chips in the dehydrator

Around noon my Prince Charming was up-showered- and ready to shop!
Is there anything better?

We went to the Runners Edge to get fitted for new sneakers.
Eddie has been walking upwards of 8 miles a day 3-4x a week and is starting to add jogging into his routine, and I couldn't be any prouder of him!

I needed new kicks to help me train for my 10k and running in general.
I was VERY torn between an a pair of Adidas and Asics.

The asics won.
The manager eased my worry by telling me I had 2 weeks to run in them as much as I wanted before decided if they are "the ones."

We had a celebratory lunch at Croxley's.
I had the veggie burger with a slice of swiss and avocado, side of sweet potato fries.

And now on to the most exciting item of this post:

ONE of you will be winning a blender bottle sport mixer in the color of your choice!
Here is a little information on this awesome little gal:
  • The BlenderBottle® Classic revolutionized the portable mixer category when it was first introduced and quickly became the best-selling portable mixer.
  • As the only portable mixer that contains the BlenderBall® - a surgical-grade stainless steel mixing ball - BlenderBottle ensures smooth, great tasting drinks by a unique mixing method for the thickest of ingredients.
  • BlenderBottles are sold in thousands of retail stores around the world and at  The BlenderBottle Classic is sold under the BlenderBottle brand logo, as well as other private labels.  It is easy to spot a BlenderBottle, as it is the only portable mixer with the patented BlenderBall inside.
  • The BlenderBottle is available in two different products: the BlenderBottle Classic and the water bottle that can also be used as a portable mixer- the BlenderBottle SportMixer™. Both products are available in the full 28-ounce size and the 20-ounce mini size, are dishwasher safe, have always been BPA and Phthalate free and are available in a variety of colors.
  • BlenderBottle encourages healthy lifestyles by making it easier for people to mix smoother, better tasting healthy drinks and meal replacements.

How to enter:
 This one is through INSTAGRAM folks.

Take a post workout/sweaty picture and tag @justkeepsweating #blenderbottle #justkeepsweating
to be entered.
Also follow blender bottle on twitter OR on facebook

That's it-- just two things you need to do to win!
Please note::
Comment entries on this post will not count.

The winner will be picked and announced Tuesday July 24th!


  1. I love sweet potato fries! That looks great!

  2. What type of asics are those? And are they navy? Email me if you know the name.... Trying to find a comfy pair for work. I'll be on my feet 12 hour shifts as a nurse.

  3. Weren't they so nice there!! I have to go make a trip tomorrow to pick up my sneakers they put on hold for me! I cannot wait to run in them<3, p.s. love your video, Eddie needs to make more appearances haha! I will instagram my sweaty mess of self tomorrow after Interval!<3

  4. Congrats on the shoes! I love Asics! Wish I could enter the contest..I'm in Australia and without instagram! Boo!

  5. Love the shoes. Shoes are always a great purchase...from high heels to running shoes, we love them all, don't we?

  6. yay for your first pair of running shoes! And that's awesome Eddie is getting into walking/running too!

  7. Congrats on your new shoes! There's nothing like new running shoes, it's always exciting!

  8. Visiting from SPA! Congrats on the new kicks. I wear Asics too. Would love that bottle but have no idea about Instagram, lol. Take care!

  9. good luck w/the new shoes and I LOVE my blender bottle! best.thing.ever.

  10. Those were my first pair of running shoes! I actually still have them but desperately need a new pair. Definitely perfect for if you need support.

  11. My first sweaty picture on Instagram because of you. Feel proud ;)

    I've got Asics, too. love 'em.

  12. Those are Asics GT 2170's! My favorite running shoes! Love them!!! I hope you do too!

  13. Great shoes...I'm a total Asics lover though, so I may be biased. Haha

  14. I love getting new running shoes. It's always such a hard decision when you are getting a new brand. I hope they work out for you.

    Love the Instagram giveaway. Clever idea.

  15. love asics.. what kind did you end up getting?