Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me VS The Heartthrob

The run didn't happen.

I knew it wasn't going to all day but I was still determined to get a good workout in.

Enter Nike Training Club

Since I am hardcore when it comes to fitness I decided to go with expert level.

I decided on The Heartthrob, which is a 30 minute HIIT workout with weights and looks a little like this:

(Click to enlarge)
Also pin it!

By the end of it I was DRIPPING and SHAKING

...I am also part raccoon, don't hate

Check out the vlog

I HIGHLY suggest downloading the Nike Training Club app for those of you who like a great workout in the comfort of your home...FOR FREE.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Love NTC! Haven't tried that one though.

  2. YOU ARE A BEAST! Way to go, girl! Way to rock The Heartthrob! I'll be looking into that app, so thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Free??? Okay, I'm going to have to check out that app. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are hardcore! I'm off to the App Store to download that now.

  5. Waiting for an iPhone. Hahaha. I'm such a whiner.

  6. NTC is awesome. Going to try out this workout!

  7. I don't think they have Nike+ for androids. I tried to find it for an at home workout once and couldn't. The workouts look like SOOOOO much fun and a great challenge.

  8. I'm downloading Nike Training Club right now. Looks like a great workout.

  9. So excited until I realized it's not available with my android. Ah well. I hate Apple. lol. Love my android anyways. That workout looks intense! Great job!