Friday, July 6, 2012

Humidity killed the cat...


It has been brutally hot here in NY for the majority of the past two weeks.
The kind of hot that you're sweaty by time you walk from your house to your car.

You all know I don't mind sweat
But when I am dressed for work, and acting like a real it's unacceptable.

I have been drinking a lot of water, especially on workout days to avoid dehydration.

Last night the heat made kickboxing 209472097 times harder then usual.
yes THAT much harder.

Pre-kickboxing. By time I left class this tank was soaked through...literally. 

I hate working out in thick hot air. Something inside of my panics.
Does this happen to anyone else?

This morning I slept in (I am off today) and I am sitting here having my coffee surrounded by these little guys and gal.

Max is in the back, followed by chance, Brandy (family dog) is in the front she's 15! and Myles (sisters dog) is standing up

I am SO excited to take Bollywood Sweat this morning, because it's not a class I am able to take often...I know I have mentioned it here a few times but it's not consistent in my workout schedule.

After the gym I am hitting la playa for awhile then some shopping before happy hour with the gym rats and Eddie!

I'm so excited for HH because it is at my favorite wine bar in town.
I think a post about tonight will be necessary.

SIDE NOTE I'd like to report that since I have refocused myself on clean eating, I am down the 6 lbs I was up. I know I will be having pizza tonight (the wine bar makes the BEST pizza)  but tomorrow it is back to 95% clean all day, everyday.
Can't wait to take my next set of pictures August 4th.

What is your workout today?
Any fun plans tonight/this weekend?