Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 1--Nailed it.

As you all know I started my 10k training last night.

Pre run in my new SparklySoul headband

 It went a lot better than I had anticipated, mostly because I wanted to do anything but run.
Running is one of those things I hate to do but when it's over I feel like I could have gone

...sorry Kanye

My ankle was bothering me for the first mile and a half, but then after awhile it seemed to accept the fact that it wasn't going to win the battle over my desire to run and let me finish.

I was SO happy with myself, can't you tell?

In fact I ran further than I had originally planned.
I am THAT hardcore.

Speaking of hardcore...I did my plank a day right after I came home and increased my time by 15 seconds. 
Not much, but I'll take it


As I was trying to decide what to eat for dinner (I went with cottage cheese and almonds) I saw a box on the counter for me.

 This little cutie patootie was inside.
Thank you Blender Bottle! I cannot wait to use her!

 I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night.
I passed out by 830 but was wide awake from 2-3:45ish, thus resulting in sleeping through my alarm for Bootcamp AND 2 phone calls from my mom trying to wake me up.

I slept in until 6:45.
I have to leave the house by 7:10 to catch my train.

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping?
I wake up almost every hour most nights, or I am up once for an extended period of time.
It sucks.


  1. is there any chance youre overtraining?
    that can mess with sleep.
    My husband SWEARS by his melatonin (FWIW :) and YES Ive always wanted to use those 4 letters and they finally fit!!)

    1. Here's the thing, I really don't think that is the issue because I REALLY listen to my body. I take rest days all the time and have no problem skipping a workout if I am not into it. Maybe this is the issue but I'm starting to think it is something else? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. I love it when you do more than you had originally planned. I get a workout high when I push more than I had originally planned (within reason...MizFit is right in the idea of overtraining). Wishing you a great Wednesday!

    1. It feels SO good to push past your limits. I just want to get into the place mentally where I am EXCITED for a run. I am SO not there yet

  3. love your vlog! Keep up the great work! (:

  4. Great job! Sometimes the hardest part of running is getting through the first day. You are well on your way to getting faster and stronger. Good luck on day #2 :)

    Ps... I had a really scary experience while running solo on Monday so please read my 5 tips on how to stay safe when running alone.

    1. Read it and omg that IS scary. I run in my neighborhood, with my phone AND everyone knows my route. I only run in daylight and close to home

  5. Keep pushing! And yay for 10k training! :)


  6. Great job!! First day is always the hardest but you did awesome. And sleep? I wish that I could help you there but struggling with it myself.

  7. Way to knock out those 3 miles! Great job girl :)

    Girl I've been struggling w/ the sleep on my end too. I'm not sure what's going on, but lately I'm waking up around midnight and then again around 3ish. All I know is it's completely frustrating and I just want a good night's rest for a change.. grr!

  8. wahooo! look at that time girlfrannn! you're going to rock that 10k if you keep this up ladybug :D

  9. Nice work! A 15 sec improvement on your plank is impressive I think.