Friday, June 8, 2012

Sore biceps, for the win!

Last night was the first night of NYSC's UXF class and it was AWESOMESAUCE.

Lauren and I, being the good students we are, arrived 40 minutes early. The gym is located within a Tanger Outlet center, so we decided to go on the hunt for Essie's "Bikini So Teeny" polish for Lauren.

We failed 

So we decided to just go to the gym and check it out.
I felt like it was the first day of high school, unaware of our surroundings and we didn't know anyone else there. 

Most of you are probably thinking, that is how my gym is all the time...what's the big deal!?

My gym is small, and in my hometown. 
I have been a member on and off for 10 years.. and consistently for the past 3. 
I have a schedule of classes I take regularly, my gym rats who take them with me, and instructors who know me (and love me, obviously ;)

Thus my new gym anxiety.

However, we had each other... plus some new eye-man candy for Lauren, so we were okay.

After wandering around and scoping out some machines we want to try Monday before class ( there is a really interesting rope machine we have our eyes on) we found the location for UXF.
I suddenly became panicked. 


I am not sure why this bothered me so much... but it did. I think I said out loud, " I immediately regret this decision."

We met our other classmates, there were 6 of us total. 
Our instructor, Grace was SO sweet and really helpful. She kept reiterating the phrase 
"If you can't do the move anymore, improvise. Fake it 'til you make it."

She just wanted all of us to give it our all, and get through it.

We had a warm up for about 10-15 minutes, then it was GO TIME.

5 stations
3 rounds
1 minute work, 10 seconds rest.

Grace needed two of us to pair up, and instantly chose Lauren and I...she must have known we're two peas in a sweaty pod.

Station 1- Push Ups
Station 2- Burpees
Station 3- Jump Rope
Station 4- Kettlebells
Station 5- Box Jumps

I was dead by the time I made it to kettlebells every round. 3 minutes of give-it-your-all cardio can take a serious toll on you.

The other difficult part of the class was counting.
Ya know, the thing they teach you in preschool?

For every ROUND we had to add up our number from station to station.
So 30 push ups, then 70 jump ropes = 100, so on and so forth.

Basically not only were you trying to remember to breathe, you were trying to remember your number.

My best round was the second one, it was 348 total. 
What that means I have NO idea.
Laurens best was the last one with a whopping 368.

For the first time ever, I witnessed Lauren dripping in sweat, I WASN'T ALONE!!!

After our stations it was ab time. One person did 25 sit ups while the other person, held their feet... in a PLANK position.

I felt so self conscious and repeated that over and over, to the point both Lauren & Grace told me to shut it.

For a before and after recap, giggles, singing and dancing check out our vlog:

We loved the class, can't wait for Monday for round 2!

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