Saturday, June 30, 2012

1st Birthday Giveaway!!

Happy 1st Birthday Just Keep Sweating!!
 I hope you're not too sick of seeing me say that by now.

You can't celebrate a birthday without presents..right!?
In honor of our birthday we're doing a giveaway
There will be three prize packages, with 1 winner each!

#1: Just Keep Sweating Gear
Pick any tee/tank from the sweaty shop, a wide sparkly soul headband in the color of your choice, Yoga AM/PM DVD and SweatPink shoelaces!

#2: Girly Girl
Bracelet by PeaceBabiBoutique (please check out/like her page!!), Baby Lips chapstick (SPF 20) you can chose plain or tinted, Sinful Colors Nailpolish in Timbleberry OR Sally Hansen polish in Coral Reef (these are 2 of my all time favorite colors), nail bling and SweatPink shoelaces!

#3: Favorite Products
BuluBox(not pictured, here is the video I did explaining this awesome product) Blender hot pink of course, 2 Think Thin bars, 2 RiseBars, thin sparkly soul headband in the color of your choice and SweatPink shoelaces!

How To Enter:
* Comment below telling me which prize pack you want to win and why you chose it*

Additional ways to enter:
Follow me on twitter and tweet- " I just entered the @juskeepsweating 1st bday giveaway! have you?"
Follow me on instagram: just keep sweating
(I will be checking both so leave your username in the comments if you do this!!)

I will be choosing the three winners on Saturday July 14th.
Good Luck

You Had To Be A Big Shot

Happy Saturday Sweaties!

My family on the beach last night :)

I am happy to report the weather completely changed its mood since yesterday morning... from heavy thunderstorms to sunny skies and it was HOT! 

Of course I had my bestie with me, Lauren (aka Lowla017)

Which meant we were able to attend Big Shot (Billy Joel cover band) on the beach!

the sun was starting to set just as the band went on

Lauren and I both were not feeling well but we had a great time anyway.  Singing and dancing along to almost every song.

 I love this picture!

Thankfully the concert didn't end too late for us old ladies and we were in bed, watching the gymnastic Olympic trials by 10 pm. 

How cute are my parents?

TODAY is Just Keep Sweating's FIRST birthday! Which means later today I will be posting my big giveaway to thank all of you for following/reading this past year.

In the mean time check out last nights post of my favorite moments from year one.

Time for Jump and Drill.. Today my sister and I will be kicking/punching partners, should be a great time!

How was your Friday night?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Feeling Nostalgic..

Tomorrow Just Keep Sweating is turning 1!

 I cannot believe how amazing this past year has been. 

How much I have grown from this post

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from my first year:

Looking through all of these posts has definitely made me emotional. I cannot believe how much has much I have changed.

I want to thank each and everyone of you.
Those of you who have been here since the very first post, and those of you who may be finding this page for the first time.

In honor of  JKS turning one I will be announcing a BIG giveaway tomorrow, with 3 winners!

 I love you all.

Scaredy Pups

This morning I was woken up to the LOUDEST thunder I have ever heard.
At first I thought it was Eddie snoring... sorry Eddie but it's true.
Chance, left... Max, right.

Now I am sitting here trying to have my first cup of coffee for the day and I've got two little men in my lap shaking and scared.

Tonight we're supposed to be seeing Big Shot (Billy Joel) cover band on the beach, so I hope the weather gets over its bad mood by then because we've been trying to see them for the past 3 years!

Time to make some oatmeal and get ready for work, if the boys will let me that is.

Are your pets scared of thunderstorms?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweat It Out

You know how people are always saying that when your sick you should just 
"sweat it out"

Well I just attempted that in Kickboxing and it was tough.

My lungs basically forgot how to function and my nose was as stuffed as thanksgiving turkey.
Did I paint you a pretty picture?

 before kickboxing

Thankfully I wasn't alone.
I mean I RARELY workout alone thanks to the gym rats.

But my mom was there tonight (and sister too, we kicked actually next to each other) and working out with her just makes it that much more fun.

She even vlogged with me!
Don't you love her!

after kickboxing

Do you "sweat it out" when your sick?

Colds and Cups

Remember last week when I was gushing over my amazing Power X workout?

my not impressed with my workout face.

That was not how I felt after last nights class.

Granted I am sick and I know that is a huge reason behind my lack of strength/motivation/endurance, but I feel it's important for me to share my not so great workouts as well as my good ones.

We started on TRX and as soon as the first round was over, I was tired.
My arms felt like pure gumby, and I think a big part of it was due to the fact that I barely ate ALL day.

My appetite has pretty much vanished.
I know they say feed a cold, starve a fever.
But I just don't have any desire to eat.

I am a firm believer in listening to your body, and knowing when to NOT workout. I knew I felt well enough for the 30 minutes but UXF is tonight and I am not sure how that will go.

Post POWER X I ran to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up part of one of the giveaways I will be sharing on Saturday to celebrate just keep sweating's FIRST birthday!!!  

And of course I had to buy this for myself.
We're in love.

Do any of you own a tervis?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The past few weeks I have been receiving love from 
"the other side"

The weekend of the walk in memory of my aunt we had a thunderstorm, followed by a double rainbow. Which means everyone ran and grabbed their phones and cameras, myself included, to photograph this monumental event. ::insert sarcastic voice::

Naturally I posted mine on instagram(you should be following me:justkeepsweating), twitter AND facebook. It wasn't until a friend commented on the photo that I realized there was an eye in the sky, and to be honest I was TOTALLY freaked out.

top left corner in between the two rainbows

Then my cousin told me that she had visited a medium a few years ago and was told that an eye symbol meant her mom (my aunt) was with us!

Last night my family and I went to an event at the catering hall where Eddie and I will be having our wedding. It was the first time the four of us have done anything, alone..together in awhile, which was nice.

As we walked around checking out different vendors, sampled food( aka lots of cake) I noticed that there was a rowboat filled with fruit. When I got closer to the fruit I saw there was a tiny sailboat sitting in the very back of the display.

My poppa(who passed away last year) built his own sailboat, as well as sailed his entire life. He loved anything and everything that had to do with the ocean/beach life and whenever I see one I immediately think of him. 
I have also been thinking of having his sailboat tattooed on me for a long time, just haven't had the courage to do it just yet.

This morning I was watching one of my favorite shows, and at the very end someone had to sing "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin. As most of you know by now, I really love connecting to music. From lyrics that speak to me or bring up memories, I am always thinking about something deeper when listening to certain songs. 

This song ALWAYS reminds me of my Nanny. She would sing it when we were young, and when she passed away I remember playing it for myself on repeat.

I find comfort in this song, even if it makes me sad.
Does that make sense?

I'm not sure what any of this means, but I really do believe in angels, and I feel blessed to have three of them reach out to me this past month.  I love and miss you all.

Do you ever receive signs from loved ones who you have lost?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

gimme S'MORE!

I have been professing my love for GNC's chocolate egg protein powder ever since I received it last week. I have been trying it several different ways: shakes with different ingredients and my accidental oatmeal protein cookie.
Then I tried it as part of my latest overnight oats combo, and it just may be my favorite to date!


1/2 cup rolled oats (I use gluten free from Trader Joe's and love it!)
1T chia seeds
1/2 scoop GNC 100% Egg Protein Powder, chocolate flavor
1T unsweetened shredded coconut
3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Mix all ingredients and place in fridge for 2 hours-overnight.

WARNING: These oats may inspire you to start a campfire and sing kumbaya

 print this page

Happy Eating!

Live Well NOW!

Last week I came home to a HUGE box on the porch, and inside it was every protein powder lovers dream:

I tried each powder the same way, mixed in water. I figured it would be the best way to accurately critique them all:

(Disclaimer: These were sent to me to review. All opinions, as always, are 100% honest and my own.)

GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein in chocolate
20g protein, 2g sugar and 130 calories per scoop.

This protein dissolves quickly and easily, which is great because most mornings I am running to the train so I need to make a shake in under 5 minutes. I didn't LOVE the flavor, it tasted a bit chalky to me, it may be better in almond milk (or any milk of your choice)

25g of protein, 2g sugar and 130 calories per scoop

Out of all of the powders, the soy was my second favorite. I loved the flavor as well as the consistency. 
 I think this is a great option for vegetarians or anyone who likes the taste of soy!

25g protein, 1g sugar and 160 calories per scoop

I am not very knowledgeable in the world of casein or amino acids (but I will be soon thanks to IIN!).  I have researched it in the past and know that it is best if you have it at night, to restore/build lean muscle while you sleep.
For me this is not ideal because I am still trying to lose 20-30 pounds before I build any "real" muscle. 

This powder was just okay in my opinion. I wasn't a big fan of the taste or consistency when it was mixed with water, and it didn't keep me full for as long as I would prefer.

25g protein, 1g sugar and 120 calories per scoop

I was really excited to try Vega protein, because I am always seeing rave reviews of it in Twitter land. This protein powder is plant based, so it is ideal for vegans/vegetarians but meat lovers would enjoy it as well! 

There is something about vanilla protein powders that just doesn't taste right to me, so I don't think I can accurately judge the taste of this powder. 
It mixed well in water, and I would love to try this in another flavor because I think I would really like it.

and last but not least....
25g protein, 1g sugar and 120 calories per scoop

I have used it everyday for the past week. It was featured in my UXF vlog as well as my weekend recap post.
I just cannot get enough of this stuff. The flavor and the consistency were the best out of all five I tried. It can be mixed into anything! 
(I currently have it in my overnight oats to have as breakfast tomorrow)

The best part is I can have this as a post PM workout shake and it won't keep me up, which is a big issue I've had with other powders in the past. 
If I had to choose one powder to purchase for the rest of my days, it would be this.

I love it.

 Thank you to GNC for allowing me to try/review/rave these products. 

Have you tried any of these before?
What is your favorite protein powder?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Is this real life?

I am STILL recovering from this weekend as I type this post....


Work was INSANE followed by and even more INSANE commute home.
(this is a big part of why I didn't have a post on friday, I apologize!)

I had originally planned to dehydrate a bunch of fruit with Eddie as date night but instead we got frozen yogurt and caught up on True Blood

successful date night indeed.


Woke up ready to take on a double workout.

I accidentally made an oatmeal protein cookie, SO happy when delicious things happen that wasn't the plan!

 Little less than 1/2 c rolled oats, 1/2 scoop GNC egg protein powder(keep an eye out for the review tomorrow!) 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
Micro for 2 minutes

Jump & Drill was awesome, so sad that this Saturday is our last class until September! 
I only stayed for half of the interval training class after J&D because Lauren and I had a jam packed day!

She finally found pink sunglasses!

First we hit the beach with my mom, sister, becky and one of aly's friends. It was GORGEOUS! Lauren and I were swimming our booties off. Well, I was doggy paddling...don't hate it's just my style!

Then it was time for the 5th Annual Village Bar Crawl
(hence the still recovering mentioned above)

We had SUCH a great night! We danced, sang and drank our way through the bars in town

This was probably the best and worst idea. I LOVE fishbowls but they're not your friend the next day...or two.


Woke up and literally forced myself to kickboxing.
I figured I would sweat out all of the previous nights bad decisions.

I was wrong. It was the most grueling 60 minutes EVER. I was like a slug in the middle of the room, but I got through it!

Panera's chicken cobb salad... sans gorgonzola cheese

Eddie and I went food shopping for the week, then he took me on a nice little Panera date :) and it just so happens to be next door to bath and body works, so we HAD to go in.

We got these two candles for my Mom, she loved them!

Myles, my sisters Shih Tzu

After having SUCH a rough day me and this little guy needed to relax in the pool.

We ended the day with a family BBQ which was, as always, perfect and made banana chips in our new dehydrator!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

You don't need a gym to SWEAT!

Lets face the facts, gym memberships are EXPENSIVE.
With the economy and job market the way it is today, it makes it harder to afford things that aren't in the "budget."

Does that mean you shouldn't workout?

Absolutely not.

You do not need a gym to workout.
You do not need a gym to get in shape.

Some of the BEST workouts can be done FOR FREE at HOME!

Here are some sweaty approved circuits from some of my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors

Without weights:


Here is one of my own!

With weights:

And another one of my own!

Which of these are YOU going to try?