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Weekend Recap 4/27-29

Happy Tuesday Sweaties!

 My weekend recap is a day late due to my Foodie Pen Pal post yesterday. Did you see all the yummy treats I received? Are you aware that you can be a part of this even if you are not a blogger?

Check out www.theleangreenbean.com for alllllll the info

Time to recap another busy, fun weekend!


Eddie and I had a dinner date planned (first one in a LONG time) at a new restaurant that opened in town, so I was really excited about that :). I was even able to catch an earlier train (by 15 minutes, but makes a big difference) so I was excited to go home and get all pretty for my man!

 Nails of the weekend!
 Party Nails

However, the LIRR had a different plan in mind.
They suspended the service WHILE we were on the train, cut the power and had us sit there for over an hour. They never gave us any clear reason as to why they were holding us, but do they ever?

So 2 hours later I was home, tired and annoyed. BUT  we were able to make our dinner reservation so the date was saved.

Then we got to the restaurant, and they told us our reservation wasn't until 8:15, and we got there at 7:10. I made the reservations a week in advance for 7:30, so I had to argue with the hostess a bit to get us at the next available table. While we were waiting we hit the bar.
Babylon Express

It was restaurant week in town so we had price fixed menu options, luckily they were all amazing.

For an appetizer I got Edamame Dumplings in a mushroom sake sauce
 they were AMAZING

For dinner I chose the Sweet & Sour Chicken

again, amazing. But way too much for me so Eddie got some leftovers!

and then dessert, which there were no "healthy" options, so I was stuck with these:
fried oreos. how awful

The entire meal was fantastic, the company wasn't too bad either ;)
   Thanks again Eddie <3


Lauren and I were up and on the road to Philadelphia by 8 am. We were visting one of my best friends from college and it was Lauren's first time so we were pretty excited!


The first thing we did was run the Museum of Art steps, you know the ones Rocky made famous?

 This was how we felt after we survived our run to the top!

Then it was time to take a picture with the man himself
a man who was also taking pictures told me I needed to eat more spinach, like Popeye

After the steps we headed to The Village Whiskey for lunch. Alison had told me how amazing their veggie burgers were so I was dying to try them.
Black bean and lentil burger with pickled red cabbage and guacamole!

It did NOT disappoint

We spent the remainder of the day shopping (6 hours total) then by time we got back to the house we were exhausted. So much so that we just posted up on the couch, happily, for the rest of the night watching awful TV shows.


 Lauren and I were up by 6:45 and hit the road.

my latest obsession, chia seeds-strawberries and lemons in water

I didn't do much on Sunday outside of laundry, food shopping and prepping for the 5 day slim down. I filmed a food haul to share with all of you!

I didn't sleep well Saturday night so I was in bed and passed out by 7:30 on Sunday.

Another great weekend in the books :) 

How was your weekend?

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