Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm sweaty and I know it

I got my sweat on tonight...and it was gooooood.

I had sweat pouring off of me to the point my eyes were burning.
My legs are already shaking from cannon lunges, jump squats, spiderman with vipr, one legged battling ropes and more.
My lungs hurt from breathing so hard

I was alive, even though I felt like I was dying.

THIS is what I love
THIS is what makes fitness fun
PUSHING yourself

I wanted to quit, and I had to modify at times because of my ankle...but I did it

WE did it 

and it was awesome.

Next time you feel down on yourself from missing a workout or two...or because you ate poorly.


You will feel so much better once you do.

This I promise you.
(I think that was a 98 degrees song...)