Thursday, May 10, 2012

FitBlog NYC Recap!

How do I even begin to recap a whirlwind of a day that was FitBlogNYC?

I had NO idea what to expect yet it exceeded all of my expectations.
That makes sense, right?

I stuck with Black & Hot Pink for my attire. I think it represents me best

I met up with a few girls in Penn Station so none of us would have to walk alone, and it was a good thing we did because we may have missed the venue if we didn't!

Upon arrival we were given bags and badges, I honestly was SO overwhelmed by the stations-the people-the entire event I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had originally wanted to. 

The first booth I saw was Reebok, all of the bright colors were so appealing! We tried on sneakers and got free socks!

Then it was time for OAKLEY! I had no idea that I was trying on sunglasses that I would actually be picking out to take home!

 They also gave us little pink notebooks, which I was SO excited about

Another pleasant surprise was the Birkenstock booth. The women working there really took their time with each of us to make sure we got the perfect size and fit for our new sandals! I got bronze which I think will go great with most of my summer clothes!

I met Mia Hamm! 
To be 100% honest, I had no idea who she was... someone had to tell me. I was never into soccer growing up so that is my excuse! But she was AWESOME, and she even signed a ball for me :)

One of the TWO Camelbak water bottles I received. I do not know how I lived without one of these for so long!

Now FitBlog wasn't all about the free swag (shocking I know) but about seminars, and learning. Here are just a few that I attended:
-Drop Dead Healthy with A.J. Jacobs ( whose book we also received and I cannot wait to read!)
-The Real Deal w/ Carbs, Cleanses & Caffeine ( did you know drinking coffee before your workout will HELP you?)
-How to use your gym wardrobe OUTSIDE of the gym( my LuLu Lemon addiction is justified)
and of course my favorite:
-How to turn your blog into a business featuring Kelly Olexa(goddess) Carla Birnberg of Miz Fit Online, Julie of PBFingers and Tina of Carrots N Cake

 poster on the wall that is now the background on my phone AND computer

I learned so many great tips and tricks, not only for blogging but for attending these types of events:
1. DON'T BE SHY--everyone is there for the same reason. I missed out on meeting  A LOT of people because I was simply too afraid to go up to them and introduce myself
2. BRING YOUR DSLR if you want. I wish I did and now I will never leave home without it.
3. BRING BUSINESS CARDS- this one I did right :)

Reign, the creator of Tabura fitness...check out those awesome pants!

After hearing all of the amazing panelists it was time to SWEAT! Kiwi Fitness, which is a pop up fitness company was there and they introduced all of us to Tabura.

What is Tabura?

African dancing mixed with kickboxing.

 We were kicking, mountain climbing, dancing for 45 minutes straight and I was drenched by the end. 

 Can you tell I was in shock?

Luckily YouTube Fitness Guru, Jill Hanner had someone tape us and she had me RIGHT behind her! Here is a little taste of our workout (starts at 2:40)

And another video I found courtesy of Happy Mother Runner

Before we left we were given new Sonia Kashuk gym bags PACKED with stuff:
how gorgeous is this?!

New Reebok sneakers!

Fitness magazine (they were the hosts of this amazing event!) Dry Shampoo, Razors, DogEared Necklace (I got a bow!) and Sweaty Bands

Honestly I am still trying to process the entire day. I met so many amazing bloggers, ones that I have been reading for years and some newer ones. I didn't get a chance to meet everyone I wanted to, mostly my own fault, BUT I know there will be other opportunities to in the future!

Thank you to  Fitness Magazine,Kelly Olexa, FitFluential, Oakley, Reebok, Birkenstock, Camelbak and Kiwi Sweat (and so many more)for a truly AMAZING day and experience!


  1. You met Reign? She's awesome! She teaches a few of my favorite Crunch classes! Super inspiring lady...

  2. Yesss best day EVER. I'm also still processing, so much so that the thought of recapping is overwhelming. Way to get on it! Can't wait til we hang out again :) If we're in for the launch, be my date next week?

  3. Nice meeting you! It was a great wvent!

  4. you guys got such good stuff! i would LOVE to meet mia hamm. i was a soccer player so she was one of my idols growing up :)

  5. Rock star... thanks for the recap. Now we need a men's and women's version of something like this for running.

  6. business cards is the one thing I TOTALLY SPACED ON. for the last few weeks I've been telling zack he needed to design me cards. then i get to the event and EVERY BOOTH WANTED ONE and all i could think was "crap" haha

  7. It was so great meeting you and the other ladies at FitBlogNYC! What an amazing experience, I still can't get over all of the swag! I ended up exchanging my shoes last night for the bigger size and got the pink ones like yours, wahoo! :) Hope we can get together soon! I'm thinking we should try out one of Physique 57s classes!