Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How your dinner may effect your AM workout

So this is the second time I am writing this post because my beloved iPhone didn't save the first one.. grrr

I have read that in order to get the most from your workouts you workout at the time of day you feel the best. For example: if you're a morning person, workout first thing in the morning and vice versa.
Pretty easy right?

As a morning person, I always feel better when I get up and get my workouts done RIGHT away, not only does it energize me but it starts my day off in the best way possible.

I over sauced.

Last night I had a veggie burger with avocado and vegan cheese sauce (recipe will be up soon) for dinner, no empty carbs and no TV snack. I went to bed feeling full but light.
This morning when my alarm went off at 4:30 for my workout I felt energized and ready to go. 
This led to an epiphany

What you eat for dinner REALLY effects your workout the next morning.
 The nights that I eat lean proteins and lots of veggies/good fats, I have a much better workout the next day. When I have an empty carb (bread or pasta) or several carbs/after dinner snack, it shows in my workouts.
Even if I don't sleep great the night before but eat a balanced and clean meal I will have a great gym session.

I know this may seem like common sense to some of you, but for those who haven't thought about this before it really is important! It is very rare for me that I eat foods that do not fuel my body, I love to eat protein and veggies/fruits/good for you fats but I also LOVE carbs with my meals!

Since starting Tone It Up I have really been monitoring what I eat and when but there are several times where I've been in the mindset of: 
I can have bread with dinner because 1. I want too and 2. I am working out tomorrow.


For me, personally, carbohydrates of any kind at night lead to a sluggish morning. There are times I won't get out of bed for my morning workout because I feel so heavy and tired. So I have started keeping an empty carb/snack journal and writing down what I have and when, that what I can really focus on what fuels me and what hurts me.
Have you noticed eating certain foods affect your mornings?
What are they?


  1. I totally agree. I've noticed that I feel better when I eat most of my carbs earlier in the day. My dinners are usually just lean protein and veggies.

    Also, eating crap the day before always leads to feeling pretty sluggish the next day for me. I feel ya there.

  2. Omg that burger looked drlious. Great observation, .I love your blog i wanna chk out the mango taco.