Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweat It Out Wednesday!

Lauren and I have decided on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays are going to be our "try new and different workout" days. 
We have been doing my HIIT elliptical program most of those mornings, then just kind of winging it. 
Today I came prepared to kick some booty, and it worked!

Time: 5am
Place: Yoga Room in our gym
Workout: Tone It Up's Bikini Body MAX BURN workout (slightly modified)

Instead of the 5 minute runs we did 2 minutes Jumping Rope. After our first round through we were DRIPPING! I know I've said it before but I LOATHE BURPEES! They are even worse at 5 am, but once they were done I was happy and sweaty.

Since the workout only took us about 20 minutes, Lauren asked her famous question 
" Now what?"

Cue jeopardy theme song, and a thought bubble...

Time: 5:20 am
Place: Main Studio room, in our gym
Workout: Stability ball-lunges, obliques and love handles
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It was H-A-R-D! It was even harder because we did the Tone It Up workout beforehand! 
 For the crunches we alternated between the stability ball and the carpet. On the stability ball we also did a 3 different types of crunches
I may need to start taking pictures/videos of these workouts for all of you
We made it down to the 10 jumping jacks/pushups before we had to leave the room we were using due to a class coming in. BOO! However, the instructor teaching the class came up to ask what we were doing (because we were really sweaty by this point) and she said she was going to do them herself!

Pretty awesome feeling :)
Here are the totals for our 5 am booty call:
Jumping Jacks: 270
Lunges: 120
Push Ups (on knees): 85
Crunches:105 then 25 obliques, each side
Jump Rope: 12 minutes

Here is my post workout FitVlog!

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