Monday, March 5, 2012

Pushing through the Monday morning slump

When my fiance woke me up at 4:30 this morning for my 5 am workout I was less than thrilled.
However, I knew I HAD to get in the gym and that I had Lauren going with me plus I was already awake, so I had no excuses.

Today we did the elliptical, and the first three minutes were brutal. We both were so tired and so unmotivated.
I thought to myself, "I'm here at 5 am on a Monday morning--I am making it worth it."

-Cranked up the resistance to 10 and picked up the pace.
-Then I decided to go backwards every other 1/4 mile, on a level 7.
-That turned into sprinting
-Which led to alternating forwards and backwards every 10th of a mile.

Before I knew it, 32 minutes and 3.05 miles had passed.

 Yea it's blurry, I was trying to snap this picture while slowly moving on the elliptical... much harder than you may realize.

After my 5k I did weighted rows.
 3 sets of 12 on 50lb and 2 sets of 12 on 30lb

When I walked out of the gym at 5:50am I felt amazing and accomplished! 
PERFECT way to start the week :)

Today is day 5 of #marchabness so I will be doing another 120 sit ups. Last night I broke them down into sets of 25 and focused on lower abs and obliques.

I should do a video on these...hmmm

Just Keep Sweating

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