Friday, March 16, 2012

The Chain Reaction

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this in their lives, but lately it seems to be all around me.

What is it I am referring to?
The Chain reaction

For example every morning I opt for the steps when I exit the train at Penn Station. There are always two or three rows of people climbing the stairs. I've noticed that if the first person jogs up them, even a slow jog, the people following tend to do the same. Almost as if they think to themselves:

hmm I don't want to be the person that holds up this line of already angry commuters.
chain reaction

Last Friday morning I didn't really feel like getting up at 4:30 and going to the gym, however I forgot to turn off my alarm and it woke me anyway. I turned it off and planned on going back to sleep, but I heard my mom walking around upstairs, which meant she was going to the gym for her 5 am Booty Call.
 I wasn't going to be the only one to skip my workout, so I got up and hit the gym
chain reaction

When I go to Starbucks there is always a mess on the counter where the milk/sugar/powders are. It's almost as if people cannot seem to clean up after themselves even though the garbage is built into the counter top! I always make an effort to clean what garbage I see along with throw out my own, it's common courtesy and it's effortless.
 There have been several times I have seen others do the same thing.
chain reaction

So even if you think your efforts aren't making a difference in your own self or body, they may be making a change to someone else or something else you're not even aware of.

Have you noticed this before?

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