Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Birthday EVER! (picture heavy)

So as most of you know, yesterday, March 6th was my 26th birthday.

This year I was lucky enough to have THREE celebrations, it was a first, and I didn't hate it!
Here are some pictures from the weekend and yesterday :)

Saturday Night:

 Eddie (my fiance) and I before dinner

 My sister and I before dinner AND when she gave me her awesome gifts including
An avocado slicer and a LuLu Lemon giftcard, she knows me well!

 For dinner my parents took us all out to my favorite Asian fushion-sushi resturant
I had a few asian pear martini's and Thai basil chicken for dinner.
Amazing, but a little too spicy for me

Then it was PARTY TIME!!
 Lauren, Me and Becky (fellow gym rats and friends)
Gina (another gym rat/friend/blogger) Lauren, Eddie and I


My mom and aunt Carol (literally) slaved away in the kitchen making stuffed artichokes and eggplant parm. 
My favorites :)

Then we had cake!

We were still a little hungover from Saturday, so this is the only decent(not even good haha) picture

On to the actual Birthday!

I made a mental note to wear the same outfit from last year to see the difference:

March 6, 2012
March 6, 2011

The differences may not be as noticeable to  you as they are to me. BUT to me my  face is much slimmer, as well as my arms-waist-thighs etc.

My parents spoiled me and gave me my FIRST pair of Tory Burch flats!

 Then last but not least...the amount of birthday love I received on Twitter was overwhelming.


So THANK YOU to every single one of you for celebrating my birthday with me, whether it was in person-through the mail- or virtually.
You made me feel so special.

26 is going to be MY year

Just Keep Sweating

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