Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweat-proof skincare routine!

As a teenager I was blessed with great skin. 
As an adult I was cursed with combination, acne-prone skin with hyperpigmentation.

Not sure how that happened

With acne-prone skin and constant sweat-dripping workouts I needed to perfect my skin care routine to keep everything in check.

I have 6 must have products in order to limit my breakouts:

Sparkly Soul headband
(these are the BEST tool for keeping your hair out of your face both inside and outside of the gym. They DO NOT move!!)
Clairsonic Mia
Makeup Remover cloths
(This is just what I am using now. I change the brand often, trying to find a favorite)
Purity Cleanser
Derma Doctor: Ain't Misbehavin' Facewash
Derma Doctor: Calm, Cool and Corrected Lotion

How I use them:

1.Put hair up in a messy bun (this is crucial) and put on Sparkly Soul headband, then remove all of makeup:

2. Wash my face with the Purity cleanser.
This is the best facial soap for removing all types of make-up!

That is  my amazing fiance who took all of these photos :)

 3. Rinse and dry face completely

4.Apply  "Ain't Miss Behavin'" evenly all over face and let it sit for 2-3 minutes

(This is my waiting face)

5. Wet the Clairsonic and move in slow, circular motions allover your face (about two minutes)

6. Rinse and dry face.
(see pictures from step 3 if you forgot what this looks like)

7. Once dry, apply "Calm, Cool and Corrected" evenly all over face.

8. Smile at your beautiful self!

In the mornings I only do steps 4-7, sometimes 8, depending on which side of the bed I wake up on.

Just Keep Sweating


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