Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trader Joe's Food Haul

Today was my first official day eating on the Tone it Up diet and coincidentally it was food shopping day, so it worked out perfectly!  After eating a delicious chocolate protein pancake for Meal 1 it was time to hit the pavement and stock up on goodies for the week:

 First on my list was LOTS of veggies:
Spinach, Brussels sprouts, baby carrots, scallions, celery and peppers

 All natural, unfiltered apple juice for our morning Meta-D drink

 I love these apple slices for a quick, grab & go snack.. I am having these today with some almond butter YUM!

 Grabbed a few of our favorite bars for Meal 2 or Meal 4.
Lara bars are perfect for pre-workout

 Almond butter,peanut butter with sea salt ( I love that there are only TWO or less ingredients in both of these) and Earth Balance whipped butter
 The two best dressings Trader Joe's has to offer (in my opinion) Cilantro & Light Champagne vinaigrette 
and a bottle of sesame oil for tofu meals

Thai lime and chili cashews for Meal 2 or Meal 4, they have the perfect amount of spice so you won't overindulge
Sunflower seeds & Walnuts  for snacks and salads


The tone it up diet has a bunch of quinoa recipes so I stocked up! Also picked up Blue agave for a natural sweetener, not sure how I will use this yet 

All in all it was a great shopping trip, we got a lot of the essentials for this weeks meals. However, I was devastated they didn't have kale. I checked my local Stop & Shop and they were out as well!

For Meal 3 (lunch) Eddie and I went to a local eatery, Classic American, and I had a delicious veggie burger on a multigrain roll with sweet potato fries. It was so filling I didn't have an appetite for an afternoon snack/pre-workout meal.

Mom and I took elevated training at the gym for our sweat session of choice. I looked up the description on my gyms website to best explain it:: 60 minute class with weights on a step with the choice of a higher bench, increasing the intensity at which you work. The class focus' on legs and 3 upper body areas.

I used 3 risers on the step and a 13 lb body bar, needless to say my muscles are sore and I felt the burn.

Meal 5 (dinner) was Thai coconut tofu, and my new favorite recipe. We paired it with a side of sauteed spinach & garlic, to complete our lean and green meal.

Just Keep Sweating

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