Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Fitness Friday!

For the first time in a long time the scale is moving down!  I started the  Tone It Up diet plan on Monday and have already lost 3 pounds, it is not a *new* number (one pound away from that) but I am hoping to keep them off and loose a few more with all my workouts planned for the weekend.

My energy levels are up, I am not craving carbs like I thought I would be( I stop eating them at 3pm) and I just feel GREAT overall. The community that surrounds the Tone it Up plan is amazing. People are constantly motivating each other and making friends through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I have received so many new friends/followers both on this site and on twitter in the past week, it is overwhelming. So 

Todays Toned in '12 Challenge is to do 30 lunges every hour.. I tweeted/facebooked/emailed and texted this to a bunch of people and so far I have completed 90 lunges. By the time 5 pm rolls around and I am heading home for the weekend I will have done 240 lunges...AT WORK. How awesome is that?!

For those of you reading this on Saturday OR do not want to do this at work, do the challenge today!! Set your phone to go off every hour and do those lunges, no matter where you are, take five minutes out of 60 and get that heart rate up!

Tonight I will be doing these two workouts:

for those wondering, the girls in the picture are the creators of Tone It Up (Karena & Katrina)

 I feel like the Stretch & Release workout is perfect for an end of the work-week workout. It will relax and revitalize my muscles for my weekend workouts

Happy Friday

Just Keep Sweating

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