Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TechBytes:Jawbone UP

During my lunch break at work I often watch videos on YouTube to avoid going outside and spending money I don't have( see Mom, I am saving!!!)
Today I stumbled across a review video by iJustine about the Jawbone UP. I'm not sure how I haven't heard about this sooner but I am glad I came across it, I think it's going to be a must have for fitness junkies and Apple lovers like myself....

What is it?
(as described on their website)
Powered by MotionX®, UP combines sophisticated technology and beautiful design to offer a durable, easy to wear, intelligent, motion-sensing band that lives on your wrist 24/7 and inspires you to live healthier. 

The Jawbone UP has up to 10 days battery life on a single charge(USB charger), has a vibrating motor that can be used as an alarm clock and a reminder to "move" that day, tracks your sleep patterns and movement, it has a 3.5 MM plug that plugs directly into your iPhone/iPad/iPod,etc., and is sweat proof/water proof.

What does the app provide?

Finess- It tracks your steps/distance, calories burned, pace, intensity level you are working at, active vs inactive time and GPS .

Sleep- This little device tracks how you are sleeping (light/heavy) how long you slept, the quality of your sleep overall.

Food Tracker- You can take pictures of your meals and it prompts you to answer questions about how the meal made you feel, if it kept you full, etc. 

If you have friends who also have the device you can create fitness challenges or join challenges with strangers that are also a part of the Jawbone UP community.

This product costs $99 and can be purchased in several different places, like Target, Apple Store, Amazon and AT&T. 

I am adding this to my Christmas list for this year, will you?


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