Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday Funday!

5:45 Sunday morning my body was up and ready to go, this is normal right? I hopped up had my coffee and caught up on some YouTube videos before heading to Uppercut & Kickboxing. My muscles were still really sore from Power X but working out always seems to help, even if I am miserable trying to push through the pain...okay that was overly dramatic, but you get the point.

(beautiful sky on my way to the gym)

I'm not sure if it was my low carb, healthy dinner Saturday night or the coffee before the gym Sunday morning, but something made me workout harder and stronger than I have in awhile. For my post workout meal I made myself an egg white omlette with fresh veggies, morning star sausage and laughing cow.

(low cal and delicious, my two favorite things in a meal)
(I LOVE my little snowman mug)

Eddie and I were both off on Monday so we took full advantage and went out to our favorite bar, and had Sunday Funday! It was such a great time, the gym girls came and even though the Jets AND Giants lost, we had a blast!

 (My Sunday Funday nails, how appropriate)
 (us before we left for the bar)
(I promise I shared)

I'm sure some of you reading this are like OMG she talks about eating healthy and working out, then she goes out and drinks beer??? EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. I refuse to restrict myself from things that I enjoy whether they are unhealthy or not. I drink maybe once every two weeks, I eat healthy 90% of the time and workout hard.

Just Keep Sweating


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