Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 It's been a few weeks since I have done one of these posts, but I have been boring in the "trying new things department", until one hungry morning after Power X when I noticed KIND bars at Starbucks.
  If you haven't seen or heard of these until now, here is a little background information from their website:

About KIND

KIND is a brand of all natural whole nut and fruit bars made from ingredients you can see and pronounce and it's also a movement that gives new purpose to snacking.
At KIND we do things a bit differently.
KIND was founded on the principle of holistic kindness, and we pride ourselves on creating new paths that avoid false compromises. Instead of "Or" we say "And". We choose healthy and tasty, convenient and wholesome, economically sustainable and socially impactful.

They really do practice what they preach, the first thing I noticed about these bars was how healthy they looked you can see every ingredient in their bars and I was even more pleasantly surprised by the nutritional facts:

I tried the Apple Cinnamon flavor first, and it was DELICIOUS! It paired perfectly with the pumpkin spice coffee I was sipping at the time. The second time I tried these I went for the Blueberry Vanilla flavor, which reminded me of a blueberry muffin,simply amazing. However these bars are hard to find in the regular food store, but Trader Joe's literally JUST started carrying them this week.
When I came across them in the store I squealed. 
I'm not even kidding, I really did act like a child in a candy store...people stared. 

So I stocked up.

Three new flavors to try! I had the Almond & Coconut right away,and  it tasted just like a macaroon :)
These bars aren't cheap at $1.50 a bar in Trader Joe's and $2.00 at Starbucks, but you can order variety packs through Amazon or on the KIND  website.

Not only are they all natural, they are also gluten and wheat free, and have a low glycemic index. I cannot say enough good things about these little guys and I hope I have inspired you to try them if you haven't already!


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