Saturday, October 29, 2011

Power X Tough Mudder Style

  It's October 29 and here in NY it is 36 degrees outside. Along with the huge dip in temperatures it is S-N-O-W-I-N-G.... shouldn't we have another month or so before this happens!? This weather took Power X to an entirely new level this morning.
  After Jump & Drill I flew home, layered up(a tee shirt, 2 long sleeves and a North Face fleece to be exact) and hit the track. By time our workout was over I was soaked through every layer, it was the most envigorating and challenging workout yet. The battling ropes felt ten pounds heavier because they were wet and full of mud. We were COVERED in mud as well, it was awesome.

As I took the hottest shower of my life, I replayed this mornings workouts in my head:

100 push ups
10 minutes of jumping rope
30 minutes of kicking drills 
10 minutes of punching drills
10 minutes of battling ropes
10 minutes of TRX training
10 minutes of ViPR

90 minutes of intense working out all before 10:30 am, on a Saturday morning, in the freezing rain.



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