Thursday, October 6, 2011

POWER X- Session 2, Week 4

Last night concluded my second session of my now beloved, Power X. Just like the last class of the first session, it ended on a positive note.

The ViPR was by far my favorite last night, mostly because it involved throwing them for :45 seconds. Who knew that tossing something that weighed 16 pounds and running to it could be so much fun!? The other moves we had to do involved the spiderman, squat jumps and cannonball lunges, those were not nearly as enjoyable.  This video has a few of the moves we've done these past four weeks.


Battling Ropes was a combination of us standing and sitting for the four different moves. We sat down for the "chariot" move which is this:

Then we did the lateral side to side moves while sitting. I couldn't find any videos of people doing it sitting down but I did find this one of someone doing it while standing:

The two standing rotations involved jumping jacks and the wave. Both of which I felt I was able to push myself much harder for a longer period of time, basically my arms didn't feel like they were going to fall off after :15 seconds.

Last but not least was TRX. I LOVED TRX this week! The moves weren't nearly as complicated as some of the other sessions and I felt like I was finally getting the hang of it. Took me 4 weeks, but I got there!

 We did a combination of the moves below. Instead of doing a set of squats then a set of bicep curls, we did a squat into a bicep curl or squat into a row. Here is a visual:

The other move we did I cannot for the life of me remember and when I tried explaining it at home no one understood so I will save you all the trouble of trying to it out.

All in all I am so glad I signed up for Power X round 2, this class has not only increased my stamina and strength, it has changed my body. I haven't lost any weight but I have toned up considerably. Round 3 starts Saturday morning at 10 am. I cannot wait to see what the next four weeks has in store for us!

OH and we're getting shirts! Who doesn't love shirts!?