Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My 5 favorite soups for fall and beating the sniffles!

I spent a little over a  week trying to fight off an inevitable cold. I used emergen-c, rest and attempted to sweat it out Thursday night in Kickboxing. I had a feeling as I was sitting on the train before class it wasn't a great idea because I didn't want to go to class, and that rarely happens. When I woke up Friday morning with a scratchy throat I knew I had lost the battle, but kept trying to fight it off. 

 Saturday morning I had Jump and Drill & my first week of Power x session 3, my energy level was -423097230957 but again I sucked it up and pushed through it. By 11 am I was showered and back in bed where I remained the rest of the day and night. I made a trip to Panera for soup and got back in bed. Thankfully I had a few hot vampires to keep me company. Wait, what? I've been a little bit obsessed with the Vampire Diaries lately and took advantage of being sick to have a marathon, not too shabby if you ask me!

By Sunday I was feeling a little better so I was able to do some of my usual routine but decided to skip Kickboxing and my body thanked me for it. At the food store I stocked up on soup, some favorites and some new for the days I am not feeling well and just to have a quick, light meal.

So my post today is my top 5 favorite soups, and if you have any suggestions/recipes PLEASE do not hesitate to share :)

     (The titles are also links that will give you the full nutritional breakdown of each one!)

     This soup had me so excited I took a picture and texted it to Eddie while I was still in the food store. I LOVE chicken noodle soup, but something about the chicken that is already in soups bothers me. Anyone else have this problem?  So when I was perusing the soup options in the organic food section of Stop & Shop and came across this I just had to stock up. Not only is this low calorie and low sodium(for a canned option) it is Vegan AND Organic. 
     Did someone say SOUP JACKPOT!? 

(I couldn't find a healthy choice image and threw my container away already, plus this is just too cute not to use)

   This soup is like fall in a can. Tons of flavor without the calories and sodium to weigh you down. (also I found out Amy's Kitchen makes a butternut squash soup so I will be trying that along with making my own)
                                                   (this is exactly what I order at Panera!)
    Perfect "fast food" meal or side if you're doing the "you pick two" and it's vegan! However, beware of the sodium in this one because it is much higher than the previous two and 860 Mg a serving.  I suggest having an extra glass of water the day you have this.

    I blogged my recipe for this soup a few weeks ago, this soup has become a staple in our household in the fall/winter. If you haven't made this yet, you're missing out

    Growing up tomato soup with one of mom's grilled cheese was one of my favorite meals. I loved dipping the cheesy buttery sandwich into the creamy, delicious soup. Ahh memories. This soup is more of an adult's tomato soup, I say that because it has a hint of basil and everyone knows that enjoying herbs in your food makes you an adult. This soup is low on both calories and sodium, so it is another great choice for lunch or as a side.

Here's to no more sniffles!!